Monday, April 12, 2010

*geek voice* Are you here for the Foursquare Party?

Last Saturday my classmates and I organized the first-ever Foursquare "Badge Crawl" in Lower Greenville. Its purpose was primarily to demonstrate something that could only be done using mobile technology, and secondly to raise money for the establishments affected by the Lower Greenville fire on March 3rd.

Attendees earned up to 6 badges throughout the pub crawl including "I'm on a Boat!", "Photogenic", and the coveted "Ziggy's Wagon". The badge acquisitions were not gamed in any way, as all the bars in the pub crawl contained a boat, photo booth, and food truck...riiiight.

All attendees also received tips from the Badge Crawl's official Foursquare account informing them about the drinks specials at each establishment and the next destination.

I consider the project a huge success- not only in regards to our goal of utilizing mobile technology in an interesting way, but also due to the viral promoting that the event generated. We advertised the event solely through social media- Facebook, twitter, and blogging. Within a few days of creating a Facebook invite, "Badge Crawl" was trending on twitter in the Dallas social media community. We even had a guy come out who had heard about the event through Granada Theater's tweet stream. On top of that, we also raised $140 to help rebuild the fallen Lower Greenville bars.

Thanks to everyone who came out and helped make this happen!

All photos by Ben Smithson.

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