Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just Say NO to Paper

I have an aversion to paper filing systems.

That’s the nicest way I can put it. Truly, I loathe paper files, and when coworkers offer me stacks of paper files claiming I might find them “useful”, they might as well slap me in the face and tell me I am less-than-average-looking. It hurts.

Paper files are not and never will be useful, especially with today’s predominantly paperless culture. I try to keep my cubicle as free of paper as possible, with minor exceptions such as marketing materials and original contracts/sensitive documents. Paper clutters office space. It is not environmentally friendly. It is archaic.

Why some people chose to keep paper copies of everything baffles me. Printed copies of e-mails, meeting agendas without notes written on them, pages printed off companies’ websites- all documents that can either be located on your hard-drive or found on the Internet. As our culture moves further and further away from paper and embraces digital technology, why do we continue to hoard useless paper in our offices?

A coworker recently awarded me the opportunity to sort through a previous employee’s paper files leftover in his desk and check if I could find anything useful to me. The process took two hours, and I found absolutely nothing worthy of storing in my desk. This was my coworker’s way of politely telling me, “Here, get this sh*t out of my way and find someplace else to put it.”

Oh, certainly! I’ll put it exactly where it belongs- in the recycling bin.

Could this be a Generation Y attitude? Is anybody else with me?

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