Monday, March 12, 2012

Rant Less - My Rant About Rants

Rants. Seen one lately? If you’re like most of us, you did moments ago when someone posted a passive-aggressive tweet about their job – or half an hour ago when your best friend went off on her wireless provider on Facebook – or yesterday when an unsatisfied customer wrote a reputation-damaging Yelp review about a restaurant you almost went to. I myself have dedicated two entire blog posts to things that irritate me in life.

I feel that we as a culture spend too much time complaining about the unpleasant things in life and not enough time appreciating the pleasant ones. Can things really be that bad? Chances are the great things in life outnumber the not-so-great ones.

Let’s be real. Who besides you cares that you’re working late (except maybe your boyfriend who now has to find alternate dinner plans), or that the restaurant you just ate at has no changing station for your six-month-old (… nobody cares about that.) Instead, perhaps we should spend more time acknowledging the things in life that we really appreciate. Here are some for me:
  • My grandfather’s vision of a good life for his children and future grandchildren has been actualized since he came to the United States in 1965. (RIP Dziadziu)
  • Aside from damage from a wisdom tooth extraction gone wrong last year, my body is healthy, strong and capable of mobility.
  • It’s 77 degrees and sunny in Dallas, and thanks to Daylight Savings Time and my reasonable work schedule, I’ll get to catch the last couple of hours of daylight today on Katy Trail.
  • Almost eight years after graduating high school, I still keep in touch with my childhood and high school friends on a regular basis. We are taking a BYOB painting lesson together in Dallas this Friday.

When evaluating the big picture, rants seem so silly. Yes, Jenny, the Stone Age-like speed of your wireless Internet and the incessant barking of your neighbor’s Pomeranian might prompt you to throw objects at times, but a) At least you can afford your own place, and b) Nobody cares. (Talking in third person can also help put things in perspective.)

My new challenge will be to rant less and appreciate more. After I post this rant, of course.

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